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Digital Photography (2012)

Doreen's 70th Birthday Party (25 March, 2012)

Doreen's family & friends were delighted to accept an invitation to her 70th Birthday Party, at The New Inn (Tickton).

SMC - Finalists Dinner (16 May, 2012)

The Final Year Students, and the Staff of the Scarborough Management Centre (University of Hull), celebrated the end of their studies; with a photo-shoot, on the Esplanade above Scarborough's South Bay; followed by Dinner at the Ambassador Hotel.

CIMBE Conference (21/22 May, 2012)

The Centre for Innovations in Management & Business Education (CIMBE) held a two day (well two half-days really) conference, at the Cave Castle Hotel (South Cave). A good, but serious (to judge from these few photographs) time was had by all.

Beverley Graves (3rd July, 2012)

Wendy & I visited a graveyard in Beverley, on one of our "days of fun" (don't ask!); and somewhat surprisingly we did have fun, and the graves themselves were very photogenic. I may have gone a bit far with some of the HDR post-processing, but hey, graveyards are supposed to be spooky!

Mandy & David's Wedding (14th July, 2012)

As 'B List' friends we went along to the evening do, in celebration of Mandy & David's Wedding; the happy couple appeared to have a very good, if somewhat tiring, day; and were still smiling well into the evening. NB. The 14th of July was also the birthday of Gustav Klimpt; so, I thought it might be 'interesting' to see how her might have captured the event - see Photos 6 and 10.

Lake District (31st July - 4th August, 2012)

Wendy & I had a wonderful time, staying at the Lakeside Hotel & Spa (at the bottom of Lake Windermere). We ate some very good breakfasts, sat about on assorted lake cruisers, drove down some very narrow lanes, posed in, and beside my car, watched people messing about in boats of various sizes, and took photos of quite a few ducks.

Swinton Park (Christmas, 2012)

I wasn't at all convinced that spending (quite a lot of money that is!) Christmas at Swinton Park (near Masham) would be very good; however, from the moment we arrived, until the time we had to depart, it was all very, very good.

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